Andra Lingerie

Lingerie, homewear and sleepwear.
Carefully made in Italy.

The company Andra Lingerie was born in a small workshop of artisans, where the passion for craftsmanship has always gone hand in hand with the desire to experiment, create and produce new models.

Thanks to Francesco Lattanzio’s and Scelza Guadagno’s determination Andra Lingerie came to life. In 1963 they decided to create this company with their innovating vision of the future by focusing all their efforts on Made in Italy manufacturing, which was already an emblem of style, quality and guarantee.

The 1980s marked a great change for Andra Lingerie: the entry of the offspring into the company brought dynamism and freshness, changing it into a new entity ready to look out onto an ever-widening panorama.

The story of Andra Lingerie is a story of passion, research, commitment and creativity, which has made the Andra Lingerie brand a landmark for Made in Italy fashion over the years.